Rette Blue - LEGO Jurassic World - Mini Movie

Owen ist auf der Mission seinen alten Freund Blue zu retten, um dann so schnell wie möglich von Isla Nublar zu fliehen bevor der Vulkan ausbricht?!

The Indominus Escape - LEGO Jurassic World - Mini Movie - Part 1

Simon Masrani, CEO of the Masrani Corporation and head of Jurassic World, discusses park operations with Claire during a turbulent helicopter ride. After an airsick Claire wobbles out of the helicopter, the hapless CEO takes off and causes an accident, leaving the atrium in a pile of bricks and inadvertently freeing the Pteranodons. The vicious prehistoric birds assault Simon, forcing master dinosaur trainer Owen Grady to mount an air rescue mission with his Pteranodon, Tango. They land safely and before Masrani is taken away in an ambulance, he tells Claire to find a new park attraction, and find it fast!

LEGO Jurassic World – Escape the Indoraptor – The Library

HELP! There’s trouble at Lockwood Estate and Owen, Claire and Maisie are on the run from the fearsome Indoraptor! They’re in the Library now but need your help to choose where they should go next. There’s no time to waste; watch now and decide!

The Indominus Escape - LEGO Jurassic World Mini Movie - Part 5

Claire sets a trap for the hot dog loving dinosaur and is confident it will work, but she didn’t think about one thing…the huge appetite of the Indominus rex! When the trap goes awry and the Indominus ravages the park brick by brick, Owen springs into action with a plan of his own, but he has to leave Claire in order to do it. Just as the Indominus is starting to get the upper hand, Owen comes back and he’s not alone! With a few new friends by their side, Owen and Claire take on the Indominus rex in the final battle to save the park. But what does Masrani think of Claire’s new attraction? And whatever happened to Dr. Wu…?

The Indominus Escape - LEGO Jurassic World Mini Movie - Part 3

Claire takes Owen to see the parks newest attraction that Dr. Wu cooked up in his lab: the smartest, most vicious dinosaur ever…the Indominus rex! They demonstrate its awesome abilities including increased strength, and active camouflage! Most importantly, we learn that it loves hot dogs and it will do anything to get more of them. Meanwhile, for safety reasons Claire updates the parks mascot from Dino Man to Hot Dog man. The Indominus rex breaks free from its pen in a hungry filled rage and it is up to Owen to save the day! This does not look good for Hot Dog man.