Robo Explorer - LEGO Creator - Designer Video

Robo Explorer comes from a distant future. He’s discovered new planets and explored so many different galaxies. Now he wants you to join on his next adventure! He can even rebuild himself into a Robot Dog or a Robot Bird if wants to – how cool is that?

LEGO Creator Expert turns 10! - LEGO Creator Expert

The 10th anniversary of the Modular Buildings is here! It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than a decade already – we’re revisiting the story of these special models from LEGO® Creator Expert. Join us in the celebrations!”

Off-Road Power winch demo - LEGO Creator - Designer Tips

How to build the Offroad Power (5893) winch and how to use its functions.

Product Spin - LEGO Creator - 31021

Little cat!

Vehicles Modular - LEGO Creator - Product Animation

Put this part here, add some wheels there, and maybe a jet engine on the back? See how easy it is to create your own crazy vehicles. What modular combinations will you make?

Hillside House with furniture - LEGO Creator - Designer Tips

See how you can build a kitchen, couch and more for your Hillside House (5771).

Make your cars cooler - LEGO Creator - Designer Tips

Tips on how to make your Creator car look even faster and meaner with bigger engines and spoilers.