A day in the life of a creative hero - LEGO CLASSIC

How DOES creativity grow? How big should it be? How do you allow it to run wild – or just take it for a quick walk? Watch how you can take easy steps, use real-life inspiration and turn everyday objects into endless new stories and creations!

Suchen 9+ 0:03 / 0:14 LEGO® Classic - Bring more play into your day

Use LEGO® Classic bricks to create your own unique home décor. Who says that a pencil holder doesn't have eyes? Bring more play into your day!

LEGO® Classic - Happy? Sad? Cheeky? It´s all in the eyes!

How many expressions can you create using a set of eyes? A few LEGO® Classic bricks can inspire endless new ideas and fun, creative stories. Start with something tiny and let it grow.

The Magic Flower - LEGO Classic - Creative Storytelling

Watch Asher, Vivian and Daisy's exciting tale unfold with LEGO Classic bricks. "The Magic Flower” is an epic adventure about a spaceship, a monster, and some serious girl troll magic.

Back and Bluer than ever! - LEGO Classic - Baseplate 10714

Get the stud space you’ve been dreaming of and the clutch power you deserve! LEGO® Classic has the perfect place to build your new adventure!

The LEGO Story - How it all started

As the LEGO® Group celebrates its 80th Birthday, we take a look back at it's history with this short animated film. Watch as Ole Kirk Christiansen started this incredible journey in his carpentry workshop!

The Spider and the Cricket - LEGO Classic - Creative Storytelling

Watch Bowen and Elijah's action-packed adventure of 2 fearless friends in "The spider and the cricket”. Join this tale of superhero powers and friendship; featuring cake, pizza and dancing!